There are many beautiful landscapes that cover our planet. From the elegant grace of Niagara Falls to the sheer magnificence of the Grand Canyon. These landscapes give people an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Did you know that it's possible to add features like these to your property? Okay maybe not anything as magnificent as the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, but maybe a small waterfall or perhaps different stone settings. With today's innovation at top notch, it isn't hard to give your yard an extensive overhaul that will not only add beauty to it, but will also make your home the topic of conversation around the neighborhood.

At VO Landscaping and Stone Works, we provide professional services that are sure to make your property come to life. Whatever your heart desires is what we will provide. Your inspiration will become a reality with our professional and affordable landscaping services. Using the perfect designs, our passion, and the right tools we will bring your imagination to life and leave you with a breathtaking yard that will leave you speechless. Let us help you transform your yard from ordinary to sheer elegance and beauty.

There may be all kinds of different budgets and all customers are different but there is one thing that everyone has in common: everyone loves their homes. After all, they have spent hard earned money buying it and vigorous hours or tours and research to find the place that is perfect for them. They have decorated it with the perfect furniture and chosen the perfect wallpaper to add to its essence. However, most people are not quite satisfied with their outdoor area and deep down want to completely transform it into a wonder. That is the only thing missing from what they consider to be their dream home. Well this is one dream that can be transformed into a reality. With the proper planning and landscaper, your dream outdoor property can come to life.


This is your home, it's where you and your family come to every night, it's your fortress of solitude. Now is your chance to make it unique and one-of-a-kind. There are a lot of ordinary landscapes in your neighborhood and for them that's something that they are comfortable with, but you want something original, something special, something that sets your home apart from the rest of your neighborhood.

To get that "something special" requires three things: the perfect design, materials, and a professional who has experience in putting it all together. Well you are on the perfect website to make your dreams come true. VO Landscaping offers many innovative designs and we have experienced professionals who can turn the designs into reality. Maybe you can't make up your mind as to what design will suit your home best. Well that's okay because we will help you choose the perfect fit for your property; after all, customer satisfaction is our primary concern.

We service all of Fairfield County and surrounding areas in Connecticut, as well as parts of New York surrounding Westchester. If you live in one of these areas and you dream of a home that will be the talk of the neighborhood, then please take a look at our different designs throughout this site and find the one that is perfect for you, or call us and we will help you choose one and give you a free quote.


No matter how large or small the project is, the process works the same way. Here is a brief walkthrough of the design process.

1. Choosing a Design

The first step is to figure out your goals and preferences. Look at pictures and walk your property to figure out is the idea is possible. You must also consider your budget and keep the project within reach of your pocketbook. Make sure to explore at least three options and have a detailed analysis of them. This will help you make a more sound decision. Please keep in mind that we will gladly assist you in any way during this process. We've found that some like to pick the designs by themselves, but if you need help then please call us.

2. Initial Analysis

Now that you've chosen your design, call us and then we will come and draw up a diagram of your property. We will outline any possible challenges and give you a list of cost ranges, that way you can make sure it fits your budget. As we all know, costs can become a major concern but that alone should not shape your decision.

3. Plan Development

Once you've chosen the design that fits both your needs and your budget, we will create a comprehensive plan catered to you. During this stage, you are also given an estimate of the upcoming work. Now you can decide if your dream fits your budget. If so, then it's time to begin sculpting your dreams into reality.

4. Construction

This is where your dreams are brought to life. A team of professionals are sent to your home to sculpt your property into a monument. Please rest assured that VO Landscaping is not satisfied until the customer is satisfied. We will spend as much time as needed to mold your property into the dreamscape that you have longed for.